Cruz Gongora

Cruz Gongora Musician

San Diego, CA.
22 years old.
Musician, and Mexican food.

Main instrument is guitar, but I also sing/scream, play bass, keys, and some percussion.

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Carvin DC700 in Aquaburst. NICE.

My cover of Downtown Sasquatch’s “Dust” from the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Free download and all that good stuff.

I don’t know if you’ll forgive me 
For being so blind 
To how you felt 
Don’t ask me why I couldn’t see it 
It might take me years to figure out 
And that’s not something I know much about 
But there’s only one way to find out 
Yeah, yeah, yeah 

What I know is that I’ve hurt you, oh 
What I know is that I suck 
And what I know is that I’m sorry 
What I know is that I’m a loser, yeah 
What I know is I screwed up 
And then I never earned your trust 
And what I know is that everything I touch just turns to dust

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Cobra Strike - 13th Scroll

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when u hear your favorite band in public


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Suhr Blue Drip Standard.